At 400 North Townhomes, we strive to make your living experience the best it can be and, to us, a big part of accomplishing that comes from nearby surroundings. Less than one mile from South Plains College, and surrounded by numerous great restaurants, our location is ultimately one of our best features. Nearby you’ll find 10 nearby parks, 12 close restaurants including Taco Villa, Pizza Hut, and Dickey’s Barbecue, as well as many schools and grocery stores.


As far as our property goes, we have taken a 180 degree turn to become not only the prime college living complex in Levelland, but also a beautiful luxurious home where you can raise your family and make lifelong memories. We recently switched to new management and undertook some major renovations and, if you ask us, our leases are a steal! Here are just a few of the great amenities we have to offer:


Bathrooms (downstairs guest bathroom/powder room in 2+ Bedrooms) Full Kitchen, Individual Lease, Washer/Dryer connections for 2+bedrooms, Trash Service, Maintenance Staff, High speed internet and cable*,

*denotes additional cost

PRO TIP: Drop by for a visit, get a tour, and see for yourself why 400 North Thownhomes are the perfect location to live while in school, or as a family. Each and every element from landscaping to a complete remodel has been carefully thought out with our tenants in mind to give you the best experience possible.


Full Kitchen

Full Kitchen

Every apartment is equipped with a full kitchen. This includes a refrigerator, stove, oven and a microwave. The kitchen area also provides a counter and multiple cabinets for storage space as well as a separate pantry with its own door.


High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet and Cable is now available at 400 North Townhomes for an additional fee.


Close to Campus

400 North Townhomes are conveniently located just 1.5 miles from South Plains College and the center of town. We’re also situated near two highways, so nothing is ever far away.


Maintenance Staff

If you have any problems with your apartment, we can fix them. Our reliable, on-site maintenance staff is always willing and ready to help you.


Trash Service

400 North Townhomes have several large dumpsters around the complex to keep the area clean. With our regular trash services, we’ll take care of everything.


Check back often to see additional features being added to our amazing complex.